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The 701 Assessment Instruments

After a multi-year collaborative effort with the aging network and several state university partners, the Department has completed revisions to the assessment forms and instructions. These documents are still drafts, currently pending official adoption from the Department of State, and are not to be used with clients until the Department issues formal notice to begin doing so. 

To see a brief description, the final versions of these draft 701A, 701B, 701C, and 701S forms, and the corresponding 701D instructions, go to:  http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/publications.php#assessments under the following heading: 

Assessment - Pending Adoption by Florida Department of State - Not to be used prior to offical notification from Department of Elder Affaris

701B Comprenhensive Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the 701-B training (New 06/21/2013)