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Submitting Information to Elder Update

Elder Update is published bi-monthly by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs with the following specific purpose:

  • Helping make a reality the Department's vision of leading the nation in assisting elders to age in place, with dignity, purpose, security, and in an elder-friendly community.

  • Better informing Florida's elders and their caregivers about the Department of Elder Affairs' programs and services, as well as those of other agencies and organizations in Florida.

  • Representing the geographic and cultural diversity of Florida's elder population.

Elder Update Circulation: est. 50,000

Elder Update Article Submission Deadlines

Edition Submission Deadline


November 21, 2015


January 22, 2016


March 25, 2016

Disaster Preparedness Guide*

May 20, 2016


 July 15, 2016


 September 23, 2016

 January/February 2017

 November 18, 2016

Submissions Policy

  • Elder Update welcomes submissions from its readers. However, due to the volume of submissions, acknowledgments cannot be mailed.

  • All submissions must provide accurate information to Florida's elders about aging-relating programs and services and complement the Department's mission.

Our Mission

To serve elders as they live, contribute, and build legacies in Florida.

  • Manuscripts may be in the form of hard copy (typed, double-spaced) or e-mail. Floppy disks using PC formatting will be accepted but not be returned. Please do not send certified mail. The editor reserves the right to edit submitted material.

Calendar Items

  • Contains announcements about events of interest to Florida's elders and their caregivers

  • Through submissions from the aging network, the calendar will include a broad representation of activities and programs available to Florida's elders, their caregivers, and aging service professionals.

Letters to the Editor

  • We welcome letters from our readers. However, due to the volume of letters received, all Letters to the Editor may not be answered.

  • Letters may be edited to fit the space allotted; however, every effort will be made to preserve the ideas and intent of the writer.


  • Articles should be between 500 and 1,000 words in length.

  • Photographs or graphics are encouraged.

  • Inclusion in our publication is based on space available and the content of the submission.

  • Editor reserves the right to edit submitted material.

  • Topics of interest include

    • Affordable long-term care

    • Caregiver support and information

    • Community-based service programs

    • Health-related information concerning health conditions associated with aging to promote wellness and safety

    • Elder abuse and fraud prevention

    • Communities for a Lifetime Ideas-We welcome articles providing examples of services and opportunities that make Florida's communities "elder ready." Our goal is to share the ways Florida's communities are becoming Communities for a Lifetime.

    • Medicare and Medicaid

    • Active Aging-stories about elders maintaining an active lifestyle while contributing to their communities

    • Programs and services that help elders continue living independently, with dignity and purpose

    • Senior volunteers

    • Social Security

    • Any other topic that is of interest to Florida's elders and their caregivers

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