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Notices of Instruction 2014

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Memos are periodically issued offering guidance to help providers know how to deliver services in a way that complies with government requirements. Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

Deember 2014 - Notices Attachments
Client Contributions for Nutrition Services
(Notice #:120214-1-PC-SWCBS)
November 2014 - Notices Attachments
Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP) Technical Assistance Guide Training Webinar
(Notice #:112514-1-I-SWCBS)
NAPIS Reporting FFY 2013-14
(Notice #:111814-1-I-PE)
Fisical Year 2014 SPR Definitions
Clarification of policy regarding the Older Floridians Legal Assistance Program – Eligibility for Legal Services
(Notice #:110314-1-I-SWCBS)
New “ADRC Access” Service for Community Care for the Elderly and Older Americans Act Title IIIB
(Notice #:110314-1-I-SWCBS)
New Service ADRCAC
October 2014 - Notices Attachments
Reporting Requirements for Older Americans Act Non-Registered Transportation Services
(Notice #: 102914-1-I-SWCBS)
Adult Protective Services (APS) Referral Operations Manual
(Notice #: 101414-1-I-SWCBS)
APS Operations Manual
701C Congregate Meals Assessment (701C Form) Clarification
(Notice #: 100714-1-T-SWCBS)
701C Assessment Form with Nutrition Score Column
Reporting RELIEF Program Direct Service Hours
(Notice #: 100114-1-I-SWCBS)


September 2014 - Notices Attachments
New Services for Department of Elder Affairs Programs and Services Handbook (Appendix A)
(Notice #: 093014-1-I-SWCBS)

OA3D Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi

OA3D Chronic Pain Self Managment

Clarification of Policy Regarding Title III-C1 Meal Service and Local Services Program (LSP) Meal Service
(Notice #: 090814-1-PC-SWCBS)


August 2014 - Notices Attachments
2015 Area Plan Update
(Notice #: 082714-1-I-PE)

2015 Area Plan Update

2015 Area Plan Update CM Part 1

2015 Area Plan Update CM Part 2

2015 Area Plan Update List of Changes

2015 Area Plan Update OAA Allocation

2015 Area Plan Update Targeting Report Data

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Responsibilities
(Notice #: 080514-1-I-SWCBS)


July 2014 - Notices Attachments

2014 Update to the Department's Programs and Services Handbook
(Notice #: 071114-1-I-SWCBS)

2014 Appendix A - Service Descriptions and Standards

2014 Appendix B - Co-Payment for Service Guidelines

2014 Appendix C - Client Information and Registration Tracking System

2014 Appendix D - Grievance Recipient Grievance Procedures

2014 Chapter 1 - DOEA Sponsored Programs General Info Planning Monitoring

2014 Chapter 2- Intake and Screening

2014 Chapter 3 - DOEA Cordination with Other State Federal Programs

2014 Chapter 4 - Older Americans Act

2014 Chapter 5 - Community Care for the Elderly

2014 Chaper 6 - Alzheimer's Disease Initiative

2014 Chapter 7 - Home Care for the Elderaly Program

2014 Chapter 8 - Emergency Management and Preparedness

2014 Summary of Major Changes

June 2014 - Notices Attachments
Living Healthy in Florida Campaign
(Notice #: 060414-1-I-SWCBS)


May 2014 - Notices Attachments
2014 Co-Pay Information
(Notice #: 052914-1-I-SWCBS)

2014 Co-Pay Schedules

Co-Pay Financial Worksheet and Assessed Co-Payment Form

Co-Pay Financial Worksheet Instructions

FFY 2014 Older American Act Transfer of Funds Between Titles
(Notice #: 052314-1-I-OCFM)
Clarification of Technical Assistance and Training Requirements
(Notice #: 050114-1-T-SWCBS)

Cost Allocation Provider Cost Analysis

DEO LIHEAP Monitoring Tool

EHEAP Budget Detail

EHEAP Technical Assistance Guide

PSA Outreach Plan Survey

Clarification of Technical Assistance and Training Requirements
(Notice #: 050114-1-T-SWCBS)
April 2014 - Notices Attachments
Older Americans Act (OAA) Meals and Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care (LTC) Program Meals
(Notice #: 041514-2-I-SWCBS)
Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care (SMMC LTC) Program Complaint and Grievance Reporting
(Notice #: 041514-1-I-SWCBS)
Policy and Procedure Training for ADRC's
Aging Out Clientele
(Notice #: 040414-1-I-SWCBS)
CIRTS Report - Aging Out Referrals to Aging Network
Background Screening Procedures
(Notice #: 040414-1-T-LA)
2014 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program
(Notice #: 040214-1-I-SWCBS)

LIHEAP Allowable Sources of Income

EHEAP Application Instructions

EHEAP Application

EHEAP Income Matrix

EHEAP Poverty Income Guidlines

Communications Regarding the Client Information and Registration Tracking System (CIRTS) Comments and Suggestions
(Notice #: 040114-1-I-SWCBS)


March 2014 - Notices Attachments
Availability of the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) 701B Comprehensive Assessment Form and DOEA 701S Screening Form in Spanish
(Notice #: 031814-1-T-SWCBS)

701B English/Spanish

701S English/Spanish

January 2014 - Notices Attachments
Update to the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care Program (SMMC LTC) Enrollment Management System (EMS) Procedures
(Notice #: 012814-1-I-SWCBS)
SMMC LTC EMS Procedures
Clarification of General Revenue Funds Transfers
(Notice #: 011514-1-T-SWCBS)

Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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