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DOEA Publications & Reports

This page lists the current year publications and reports only. To view previous years’ reports, click on View Previous Issues & Archives link.

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DOEA Publications File Type
DOEA Consumer Resource Guide PDF
Disaster Preparedness Guide English PDF
Spanish PDF
Elder Update (bi-monthly newspaper) HTML
Guardianship Basics: A Handbook for Guardians PDF
Making Choices: A Guide to End-of-Life Planning PDF
Older Floridians Handbook (2007) PDF
Summary of Programs & Services - provides information on DOEA programs, including eligibility criteria, appropriations and the number of clients served. PDF
Elder Abuse Prevention Brochures:
    Elder Abuse Prevention English PDF
Spanish PDF
    Identity Theft Prevention English PDF
Spanish PDF
    Protect Yourself from Financial Exploitation English PDF
Spanish PDF
    Protect Yourself from Home Repair Fraud English PDF
Spanish PDF
Medication Self-Administration Guide PDF
The Net Impact of Retirees on Florida's State and Local Budgets PDF
Alzheimer's Disease Initiative Education Manual Full Manual (PDF)
or by
Individual Chapter
Planning & Outcome Measures File Type
AAA Performance Measures LINK

DOEA Long-Range Program Plan FY 2015-2016 through FY 2019-2020

Florida State Plan on Aging 2013-2016 - Revised November 2012 PDF
Master Plan on Aging 2007-2009 - identifies needs of elder population in many areas including housing, employment, education & training, medical care, long-term care & preventive care. Also identifies policy recommendations. PDF
DOEA Performance/Outcome Measures & Standards PDF
Hospice Demographic & Outcome Measures Report (2012) PDF
Senior Employment State Plan 2012-2015 PDF
Florida Nursing Home Transition Plan PDF
Reports, Data & Statistics File Type
Annual Reports and Evaluations of DOEA-Administered Programs HTML
Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Reports HTML
Assessing the Needs of Elder Floridians, June 2013 HTML
DOEA National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) Report 2013 PDF
Florida Long-term Care Ombudsman Program Annual Report PDF
Florida’s State Profile Tool - describes long-term care trends, funding and service options. PDF
County, PSA, & State Profiles - reports detailed demographic data about elder Floridians at statewide, regional and county levels. 2013
2014 (Projection)
Dementia-Friendly Transportation Research & Report PDF
Alzheimer's Disease Initiative - Memory Disorder Clinics and Brain Bank of Florida, 2010-2011 Year-End Report PDF
Information & Statistics HTML
Direct Service Workforce Study Report - examines survey results on the status of Florida's direct service workforce and highlights recent state and national initiatives to recruit workers and improve the care of elders. Color PDF
Printer-Friendly PDF
Foundation for Florida’s Elders Annual Report, August 2014 – as required by 20.058(2), F.S., the direct support organization is providing information for the public. PDF
Statewide Public Guardianship Office (SPGO) PDF
Budgetary Reports
DOEA Approved Operating Budget FY 2014-2015 PDF
DOEA Capital Improvements Plan FY 2015-2016 through 2019-2020 LINK
Legislative Budget Request FY 2015-2016 LINK
Reports to the Legislature
PACE & SMMC LTC Comparison Report 2014, Revised February 2014 PDF
PACE & SMMC LTC Comparison Report Revisions, February 2014 PDF
Division of Statewide Community-Based Services - Monitoring and Quality Assurance Annual Report 2012 PDF
CARES Diversions Report 2012 PDF
Long-Term Care Community Diversion Pilot Project 2012 PDF
Statewide Public Guardianship Office Annual Report 2013 PDF
Extended Congregate Care in Assisted Living Facilities in Florida 2009 PDF
End of Legislative Session Reports PDF
Screening & Assessments File Type

Screening Form (701S) – This form will replace the use of the existing 701A as a screening and enrollment management tool.  It will be administered over the telephone for the initial screening of applicants for long-term care programs.  It will also be used as an enrollment management tool to re-screen individuals on the Assessed Priority Consumer List (APCL) and not active in any program.  A priority score and rank are generated.  This form also includes the nutrition risk screening and will generate a nutrition score.  This is an optional screening tool for clients on an Older Americans Act (OAA) APCL.

English PDF
Spanish PDF

Condensed Assessment (701A ) – This form is a shortened assessment instrument based upon the 701B Comprehensive Assessment Instrument to be administered face-to-face for non-case managed clients in General Revenue Local Services Program and Federal OAA programs.  A priority score and rank are generated. 


Comprehensive Assessment (701B) – This form is a comprehensive assessment that updates the existing 701B and will be administered face-to-face to assess all case-managed clients regardless of the program in which they are enrolled.  A priority score and rank are generated.

For helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes made when completing the 701B assessment, please see the presentation video at the following link:

English PDF
Spanish PDF


701B Training Video

Congregate Meals Assessment (701C) – This form is a shortened assessment instrument that updates the existing 701C and will be used to assess individuals for congregate meals and nutrition counseling services in the OAA Title C1 program.  A nutrition score is generated. PDF
Congregate Meals Assessment (701C) - Scorable version PDF

Non-Community Placement Assessment (701T) - This form is a shortened assessment instrument based upon the 701B Comprehensive Assessment Instrument for use by CARES staff for individuals residing in a nursing facility with no intent to return to the community or for individuals residing in the community intending to enter the nursing facility.  The Mini Assessment does not contain the additional assessment questions pertaining to community placement such as environmental questions or social resources.


Assessment Instructions (701D) – This document provides guidance for completion of the Department of Elder Affairs’ 701B Comprehensive Assessment.

Surveys & Tools File Type
Senior Center Evaluation Toolkit - This toolkit was developed by the Department as part of an Administration on Aging Performance Outcomes Measures Project grant to help senior centers measure service delivery effectiveness. The toolkit provides ready-to-use surveys, forms and instructions to allow senior centers to conduct and analyze the results of an evaluation designed to meet their needs and goals. PDF
Toolkit Excel File - The file contains the Senior Center Evaluation Excel file referenced in the toolkit. MS Excel
Toolkit Surveys - This file contains surveys included in the toolkit in the format that allows senior centers to add local center identifying information. MS Word
Mindset Program - This Project is a training curriculum based on a study conducted by Dr. David Lowenstein, a neuropsychologist at the University of Miami. Dr. Lowenstein found that a program of cognitive rehabilitation can result in improved performance on specific cognitive and functional tasks. Dr. Lowenstein’s intervention uses trained therapists working one-on-one with individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Stage Dementia, and includes the use of individual computer-based exercises. In an effort to make these proven techniques more broadly available, the MindSet classroom curriculum was developed to be used by small groups in a classroom format over a six-week period. PDF
Monitoring & Quality Assurance Tools HTML

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